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  • PVC & stretch film for food and Palletisers

    PVC - foils are designed for machine packaging of food and non-food products. Foil can be hand or half sleeve, depending on the need and use of automatic, semi-automatic or manual packaging.
    Features оf thermal collecting foil Foil is designed for packing of food and non-food products. Foil is characterized by excellent transparency and extensibility. Stretch foil for food is characterized by excellent extensibility and consistency in external influences. It is used for products on the external conditions that influence. With the use of the stretch foil freshness and purity of the product remain the same, and external conditions as moisture, insects, dust and similar side effects can not cause any damage. Stretch foil Palletisers are COIS while protecting loads that are fragile or that may be damaged during transport and storage. Stretch foil used for hand or machine Palletisers. Advantages are that the burden wrapping together the range which means that there is no possibility of breaking load, its transparency - the products are easy to see and count. In addition to that we have and packaging machines with stretch film that will replica watches rolex facilitate the work, and the cost will be reduced to a minimum. PVC thermo foil used for packaging food which visibly preserves freshness, extend shelf life and eliminate all threats coming from outside influences, such as moisture, insects and so on. Used for packaging machine, the thickness varies depending on your needs.